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floor graphics
Floor graphics are custom floor decals that can be placed almost anywhere to convey your message in front of high traffic areas.

These floor stickers are laminated and come slip-resistant, scratch resistant and scuff resistant to withstand heavy traffic over the life of the decal. Floor graphics are perfect for events on the go, like sporting events, trade shows, weddings and conferences. Because they come off easily without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the floor, the floor decals are an economical choice to use again and again.

These power graphics come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any budget, and any venue. What better way to showcase your message than right where people will see it, right under their feet.

Standard sizes are:
24"x24" for $75.00
36"x36" for $ 100.00

foam board
Foam board is perfect for mounting your high quality image or artwork in full color on sturdy foam board. Our foamboard poster printing includes full color digital printing.  
Consider foam board when looking for an economical way to showcase your artwork without a frame, but still come across as a professional print. A moisture barrier created during the laminate process helps to prevent bowing and warping. The foam board itself resists denting, bending and crushing because of the extra dense core.

The foamboard and foam board mounting process is designed for mounting posters with ease, allowing the colors to remain vibrant and the images high quality. Poster printing on foam board is a great way to show off your product in almost any size making it a terrific gift idea. Let us turn your precious photos into a treasure to be remembered for years to come. Consider one image split onto two, three or even four pieces of foam board for a real classy look.

Call us for your size pricing
Max. size 4'x8'

Gatorboard Printing

Gatorboard Printing is one of the strongest forms of foam boards available, making it resistant to denting, bending and crushing, and more durable for travel. Gatorboard printing is also one of the most versatile printing materials available.

Gatorboard has an extra dense core that provides more strength and durability than a regular poster or foam board. Mounting posters on a gatorboard gives you the flexibility to hang and showcase your artwork with or without framing. Placing the right image on a gatorboard can really dress up even the most drab of rooms. Consider spreading a single image over two, three or four gator boards for a really eye catching image.

Despite gatorboards rugged qualities, the printing and mounting of the art posters insures that the high quality and vivid colors remain intact and look stunning. The gatorboard is available in almost any size and with your original artwork, would make a priceless gift.

.030 Styrene (White)

Styrene is a smooth plastic sheet material that is less than 1/16 inch thick. Graphic art posters can be printed directly on this material in bold, vibrant colors.This material is perfect for long lasting indoor displays. This material should have some type of backing or framing re-enforcement when mounting.


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