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Graphics File Preparation Guidelines

We are PC based. Please save all files so that they can be opened in a MS Windows environment.

Adobe Acrobat PDF*

  • Save as PDF PRINT OPTIMIZED with all fonts converted.
  • Be sure to convert all fonts to paths.
  • CMYK color.
  • Be sure file is at correct proportions to be scaled up to final size before printing.

    * PDF files:
    We obtain excellent results when printing PDF files saved for Print Optimized* (not for web use). Please open the file on another computer (i.e. Acrobat) to verify the file will print properly, is sized at 100% actual size of sign or graphic to be printed , all images in the file are at least 100dpi at full print size and fonts are correct. We cannot easily manipulate PDF files.

    * The Print Optimized job options are for PDF files that will be printed as high-quality final output. For a PDF file to be portable at a minimum, you should embed all fonts.

Adobe Photoshop
(CS2 v.9.0 or earlier)
Adobe Illustrator
(CS v.11.0 or earlier)
• Create at 100% final print size • Create at 100% final print size
• Save as .PSD, .TIF or hi-res JPG • Be sure to convert all fonts to paths
• Do not link (or place) files • Do not link (or place) files Submit one ready to print file (per print)
Flatten before saving • All bitmap images should be 100dpi for quality output
Note: Go to menu / view / print size to see artwork at actual print size and to check for jagged edges from low resolution image files.
Quark Express PDF Files Only - Do Not Submit a Quark File Corel Draw (v.10 or earlier)
• Save as PDF - PRINT OPTIMIZED w/ proper resolution • Create at 100% final print size.
• All images must be 100dpi at final print size. • Save as .EPS
• Create at full size if possible - be sure proportion is correct for resizing. • Be sure to convert all fonts to paths
• DO NOT SUBMIT MAC FILES OR MAC FORMATTED DISKS. • Submit one ready to print file (per print).
  • All bitmap images should be 100dpi for quality output.
Important: We can not use files generated by desktop publishing, presentation or word processing or spreadsheet software i.e. MS Publisher, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, MS Excel...et
Resolution Requirement:
All Photoshop or other (tiff) bitmapped digital images must be supplied at a resolution of 100 - 120 ppi (pixels per inch) at the finish size of the graphic being produced. EXAMPLE: a 12” x 12” bitmap file will be about 4 meg in size at 100 ppi. A rough estimate on file size would be 4 megabytes per square foot.

Available by request and sent by FedEx overnight at an additional charge of $35.00. Although we use high quality equipment, we cannot guarantee perfect color matches. Colors will be matched as close as possible to a PMS or printout. Otherwise we will print the file as sent with no guarantees, returns, or refunds.

Art Charge:
If your files are not ready for print, in some cases we may be able to fix them at the rate of $50.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $25.00
You can Email your files directly to us which are under 20MB. If the files are bigger you can avail the services of : www.wetransfer.com. This service is FREE. Do not use wetransferplus as that is NOT free.
In addition we can receive your file using the following:

  • PC Formatted Storage Media: CD-ROM, ZIP 100 & 250mb
  • E-mail: files smaller than 20mb

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